Our mission and goals are five-fold:


(a) To assist individuals searching for an alternative to conventional treatments that have not provided them relief. To educate people as to the principles that lead to a healthy life, free of disease, worry, and stress, though the prayer of faith and deliverance, natural remedies that achieve healing for the spirit, soul (mind), and body. And to promote Holistic Medical Practitioners whose services result in a state of homeostasis (that is, balance in the body) for individuals in need.

(b) to offer membership in a trusted Association for “Practitioners ” in the Biblical and natural health community, who provide health-related services. Also these “Practitioners” are listed in a Directory so as to reach those in the public who need health-related services;

(c) to defend the rights of Holistic Medical Practitioners who offer natural health services when provided in a responsible and legal manner, and used in accordance to the Constitutional Rights and the Laws of the area in which they practice;

(d) to maintain a high standard of vetting for such Practitioners to assure the public of receiving balanced and quality alternative faith-based health and as well as safety for those seeking it;

(e) to offer assistance to the needy in third world countries, by promoting the teachings of the Word of God, and by administering aid to the sick and in-firmed from the benefits of donations made through GEMA as a non-profit religious-based Association.

If you would like to make a contribution to help GEMA assist those in need, please click the “donate” tab to the right. All donations are tax-deductible as provided by law.