USA Board Certification

*USA Applicants:  If you have NOT become a Licensed or Registered GEMA practitioner member, you can NOT apply for Board Certification until you are approved for LHMP, RHMP, or LCC.  Please apply here.

If you are already a GEMA practitioner member, please email us with your license/registration number and specify “Board Certification” in the subject line.


($250 Annually)


This document is certifying a person’s level of proficiency that his or her transcripts/experience have been reviewed by the GEMA Board and accepted as legitimate. GEMA’S Board Certification authenticates the degree(s) of the holder and verifies that his/her degree(s) are genuine. Those who apply for “Board Certification” shall be certified in accordance to his/her GEMA practitioner membership.  Example: Dr. John Smith is herein a “Board Certified Licensed Holistic Medical Practitioner,” or “Board Certified Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner, ” or “Board Certified Licensed Christian Counselor.”