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[Ecclesiastical] Licensed Holistic Medical Practitioner - LHMP (Christians Only,USA Only)
This "Practitioner" offers biblically based consultation. They assist individuals and families who wish to find relief from their maladies or sicknesses. All the evaluations on the behalf of the "Licensee" are derived from a faith-based model.  These members hold a license granted to them by the GEMA Central Headquarters domiciled in Louisiana, USA. Although some "Practitioners' may be licensed by their states in various disciplines, others are not. Some may [only] hold a License granted by GEMA.
Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner – RHMP (Non-Christians, USA Only)
This “Practitioner” is essentially the same as the Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Medical Practitioner.  However, although he/she is deemed faith-based, holistic medicine, he/she may be Christian or non-Christian, but does believe in the One Almighty God (Heb. Yahweh) who created the heavens and the earth, and everything therein.
Licensed Christian Counselor – LCC (Christians Only, Non-Health Based, USA Only)
This person must be exclusively involved in Pastoral/Christian or biblical counseling and is not permitted to offer services in which he/she is not specifically educated, experienced, or trained. (See FAQ #20 for more details).

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