Practitioner Resources

Practitioner Members of GEMA enjoy access to a full list of associate organizations and services that offer discounts and plans, already negotiated to be pre-qualified for members. 


(Full List ONLY available to members!)

1. Want to become tax exempt? We have an organization that can make it happen in just 30 days?
2. Want to study for your Ph.D. – at a discount, and at home, GEMA has associates that offer GEMA members great discounts on subjects including Holistic Health, Homeopathic Psychology and Human Behavior, Lifestyle Health, Christian Wellness Coaching or Alternative Biblical Medicine.
You can also add specialist subjects to your practice, select from a long list of certifications, post-doctoral qualifications and many other subjects to better your own skills and prestige.

3. Become an Ordained Minister to legally perform healing acts. GEMA has associate organizations to help you become a fully trained and legally recognized minister.
4. Your health business can order direct from many supplement companies pre-approved for GEMA members. These supplements are for professional recommendations only.
5. Liability insurance is mandatory to join GEMA, and you can also benefit from the special price offered by a pre-approved insurance company for GEMA members.
6. Lab tests are available to better help your healing business discuss health issues, such as heavy metals, which can cause potential healing setbacks for clients. GEMA has a list of legally available recommendations for practitioners.
7. Want to have your results read and the findings listed for tests, so you are removed from potential diagnosing issues? GEMA has such services to better assist your health business and remove the risk of going beyond the scope of practice.
Sign up with GEMA, become a member to take advantage of these offers and many more advantages.