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7 reasons for PATRONS to join GEMA!

Become a member of GEMA FREE of charge, to join a community looking at the bigger picture of Holistic health and wellness!

Have access to affordable education.

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GEMA is a Religious 501(c ) 3 non-profit organization that has your interest at heart.

Choose to protect your constitutional right to the health care of your choice, and the freedom of Holistic Wellness LifeCare.



GEMA is a community of like-minded Holistic Health and Wellness believers, consisting of those who serve as its representatives, including all of the directors, officers, employees and Practitioners of Holistic Health and Wellness and Christian Counseling, and YOU, a Member, each of whom is an integral part of this community. GEMA maintains this community as an exercise of its beliefs in the legal right of people to choose the health and the Holistic path qualified, tested and approved Practitioners offer, and as an expression of these beliefs to the larger community. In addition, GEMA subscribes to the spiritual and religious belief that all of its activities should express the Holistic beliefs and be rendered as a service to God, through the health and vitality of all, whether Christian or other. Statement of GEMA’s Mission is for the understanding that signing up as a GEMA Patron, you become a GEMA community member; no fees attached, for additional benefits.  You will have access to the Holistic community to gain insight and helpful advice to better your health and assist in the prevention of serious disease.

Why does the USA Constitution matter to us?

GEMA is operating under the declared rights of the US Constitution as well as State Constitutions, which guarantee Americans certain rights; included in, but not limited to the First Amendment, that afford us the right to lawfully assemble, the right to petition, the right of free speech, the right to worship God and to choose our religious beliefs, the right to decide how to assist one another with matters concerning our health and wellness, and to determine the relevance of natural protocols for health and wellness as provided under the laws of the Federal and State Constitutions. NOTE: The Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits any states from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, and guarantees all persons equal protection of (that is, by or under) the laws.

We, as members of GEMA declare the right to assemble (or congregate) as a community to choose our options of health and wellness care and how our personal information and records are preserved and protected, and to decide what health and wellness options are best for us.

What are the benefits of the GEMA LifeCare Program for Individuals?

The GEMA LifeCare Program is a unique program between the client and the practitioner. Along with the common intake forms all clients must fill out and submit when seeing any practitioner, an individual seeking services from a GEMA practitioner must also sign and submit the LifeCare Member Agreement. In doing so they automatically become a “Patron” member (free) of the GEMA Community which provides confidentiality and protection under the US Constitution between the client and the practitioner which protects their religious rights.


Summary:  The undersigned herein, officially applies to become a [non-credentialed, that is, non-licensed or non-registered] member of the LifeCare Member Program, hereinafter referred to as Patron. The LifeCare Member Program has been established by the Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association™ (hereinafter referred to as GEMA or Association) to assist [non-credentialed] members with matters that are relevant to holistic wellness of the tripartite (that is, body, mind, and spirit). As signatory of this agreement, Patron applicant understands and agrees that he/she is also granted free membership in GEMA at a non-credentialed level. Upon placing his/her signature on this agreement, the applicant confirms that he/she understands and agrees to the terms of becoming a Patron [non-credentialed] member in the LifeCare Member Program and GEMA. Applicant understands the benefits and conditions of the LifeCare Member Program as well as the limitations of the holistic health natural wellness protocol provided by the LifeCare Program as directed by an Ecclesiastical Licensed Holistic Medical Practitioner or an Ecclesiastical Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Practitioners”); also covered is the Ecclesiastical Licensed Christian Counselor, who is not herein referred to as “Practitioner.” Both aforementioned Practitioners and Ecclesiastical Licensed Christian Counselors are referred to collectively as “Practitioner/Counselor” for the convenience of this Agreement.

Sign up (above) and gain access to the Password Protected Patron Community Resource Page!

Sign up (above) and gain access to the Password Protected Patron Community Resource Page!

Sign up (above) and gain access to the Password Protected Patron Community Resources Page!