Patron Member Agreement

Statement of GEMA Patron Membership


GEMA is a community of like-minded Holistic Health and Wellness believers, consisting of those who serve as its representatives, including all of the directors, officers, employees and Practitioners of Holistic Health and Wellness and Christian Counseling, and YOU, a Member, each of whom is an integral part of this community. GEMA maintains this community as an exercise of its beliefs in the legal right of people to choose the health and the Holistic path qualified, tested and approved Practitioners offer, and as an expression of these beliefs to the larger community. In addition, GEMA subscribes to the spiritual and religious belief that all of its activities should express the Holistic beliefs and be rendered as a service to God, through the health and vitality of all, whether Christian or other. Statement of GEMA’s Mission is for the understanding that signing up as a GEMA Patron, you become a GEMA community member; no fees attached for additional benefits.  You will have access to the Holistic community to gain insight and helpful advice to better your health and assist in the prevention of serious disease.