1. What is the Meaning of the Word, Ecclesiastical?

According to the Greek of the New Testament, the root word from which ecclesiastical is derived, is ĕkklēsia (ek-klay-see’–ah), meaning an assembly of people—a gathering of a religious congregation; a Church—that is, a community of members (believers) who adhere to Christian doctrine and assemble to worship God. Hence, the word Church explicitly refers to the believing remnant of Christ (that is, the Body of Christ—in the New Testament, “the Church”—an Assembly); a group of people who gather in a physical facility to worship God, called the Church, though the term Church is not applicable to a physical facility. Moreover, an Ecclesiastic (often a Pastor or Minister) is someone who is the leader of a Christian Community. Pastor/Minister is an alternative title for a church leader of a congregation who is often referred to as a cleric (singular). Traditionally, if one is a cleric, he/she is a member of the clergy (plural, and one who possesses biblical knowledge, a solid biblical education, an impeccable reputation, and has a long history of Christian service before applying for a commission.


NOTE: The word “Pastors” is used only once in the New Testament (Ephesians 4:11). The term “pastor” wasn’t used during the Early Church Era (100-350), but became prominent during the Reformation Era (1517). It has continued to be used by Protestants up until modern times.

2. What is Ecclesiastical Medicine?

It is a form of alternative healing which focuses on the elimination of physical symptoms by tracing the root cause of a disorder and/or disease found in the tripartite: The tripartite describes the total person; spirit (Gk. pneuma- breath/air), mind (Gk. psychē – soul/mind), and body (Gk. sōma – flesh/all living creatures). This form of healing is an ancient art and in modern times (today) is called holistic healing, first mentioned in the New Testament by the Apostle Paul (I Thess. 5:23 – “Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – NKJV – New King James Version -quotation marks added by GEMA editors). This kind of healing is primarily rendered through natural means (that is, derived from nature) and spiritual modalities (that is, prayer, the Word of God, and the laying on of hands). On many occasions the Word of God has been used to encourage others, and to heal and deliver them from bondage. Jesus said, “The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life” – John 6:63 – NKJV – New King James Version – quotation marks added by GEMA editors).


NOTE: The GEMA “Holistic Medical Practitioner” is one who has been tested and/or vetted concerning the principles and use of Ecclesiastical Medicine, which incorporates the holistic healing model of body, mind (soul), and spirit. For the reason of ethics, there must not be any promises or guarantees made by a GEMA “Practitioner” to heal someone. However, a “Patron” (client) does indeed receive many benefits from the “LifeCare Program” as he/she follows a path of prevention and learns how to be healthy and stay healthy. A “Holistic Medical Practitioner” may often use prayer, as well as various herbals, concoctions, oils, etc., not mentioned in the Bible, because research proves that Ecclesiastical Medicine during the Early Church Age (33 – 400 A.D.) borrowed remedies and models from countries such as Greece, China, India, and other countries, though it had a Judeo-Christian beginning in Palestine. Many of these potent remedies used by the ancient [Early] Church are still in use today and are marketed under various names.


NOTE: Many foods, herbals, oils, and potions mentioned in the Bible have proved to be effective in scientific tests. They are used to heal chronic diseases and ease the pain and swelling that accompany arthritic conditions. Scores of other maladies have been healed or put into remission by natural substances mentioned in the Bible.

3. What is GEMA's Mission?

Our mission and goals are five-fold:


(a) To assist individuals searching for an alternative to conventional treatments that have not provided them relief. To educate people as to the principles that lead to a healthy life, free of disease, worry, and stress, though the prayer of faith and deliverance, natural remedies that achieve healing for the spirit, soul (mind), and body. And to promote Holistic Medical Practitioners whose services result in a state of homeostasis (that is, balance in the body) for individuals in need.
(b) to offer membership in a trusted Association for “Practitioners ” in the Biblical and natural health community, who provide health-related services. Also these “Practitioners” are listed in a Directory so as to reach those in the public who need health-related services;
(c) to defend the rights of Holistic Medical Practitioners who offer natural health services when provided in a responsible and legal manner, and used in accordance to the Constitutional Rights and the Laws of the area in which they practice;
(d) to maintain a high standard of vetting for such Practitioners to assure the public of receiving balanced and quality alternative faith-based health and as well as safety for those seeking it;
(e) to offer assistance to the needy in third world countries, by promoting the teachings of the Word of God, and by administering aid to the sick and infirmed from the benefits of donations made through GEMA as a non-profit religious-based Association.

4. Who, among Ecclesiastics in the Early Age of the Church, used Biblical Medicines?

Some Groups (or Ecclesiastical Medical Societies, Alliances, Federations, Associations, Fellowships, etc.) seem to be of the opinion that Ecclesiastical Medicine was used [only] by pastors, while Church History proves it actually was used by various offices of the Church, such as those cited in Ephesians 4:11— “And He (Christ) Himself gave some [to be] apostles, some [to be] prophets, some [to be] evangelists, and some [to be] pastors and teachers…” Example: Luke, the Apostle Paul’s companion was not a pastor, but a Greek Physician who attended to Paul’s physical needs, yet he was devoted to spreading the Christian faith in many countries. Many theologians/commentators believe that Luke was commissioned by the Church elders to be a “Missionary Evangelist” which involved teaching, preaching, and healing.


About four hundred years ago, a healing ecclesiastic said, “All forms of healing have a theological basis, whether natural or unnatural.” To ignore the “spiritual influence” concerning healing is to unbalance what Almighty God intended for His people to accomplish through the use of holistic medicine (I Thess. 5:23). Today, in the USA and other countries, many Natural Health Consultants, Holistic Wellness Practitioners, Counselors, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, etc., use ecclesiastical medicine, though it may be referred to in different terms. If the aforementioned professional healers are Christians, they may not always be pastors, evangelists, prophets, or apostles (see Eph. 4:11 –“teacher” is omitted, but explained in the following herein). However, if someone is a “Doctor” then he/she is indeed a Teacher, inasmuch as the definition of “Doctor” in modern times is “Teacher or Educator.”

5. Why does GEMA grant a license to orthodox Christians only?

The Bible is clear that [only] those who are trusting in Jesus Christ as Savior are in the Body of Christ (the Spiritual Church – Matt. 26:26; Luke 22:19; Romans 12:5; I Cor. 12:13; 27, Eph. 4:4; Col. 1:18). Furthermore, the Scripture is clear about anyone who wishes to be commissioned as a minister; the mandates are listed by the Apostle Paul in the Pastoral Letters (I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9). When adherents of various sects hold non-Christian beliefs, and are told they are not qualified to hold a license with GEMA, no insult is intended—this declaration is not intended to “judge or condemn” anyone, but is declared in the Scripture.


The term, “Judge not lest you be judged” (KJV – Matthew 7:1) was made by Jesus when He delivered His Sermon on the Mountain. He wasn’t alluding to someone giving an opinion or evaluating another one’s actions or speech, but to a private death decree issued by religious officials to anyone who violated even one iota (letter) of the Law of Moses. There were various kinds of people in the crowd that day on the mountain when Jesus delivered His sermon, and the best theologians believe that He was likely referring to the religious leaders who were always “Judgmental and condemning.” They were often present in large gatherings when self-appointed prophets came to town, so they could find a reason to whip (flog) them in the synagogue for their false teachings. Or when given permission by the Roman Procurator, even have troublemakers crucified whom they labeled as criminals.


NOTE: We, the officials of GEMA are acquainted with, and have many good-hearted, brilliant friends whom we respect who are adherents of non-Christian religions. They are excellent practitioners, doctors and/or practitioners in the field of natural and allopathic medicine, but since they neither believe in teachings of the Bible or the Church (ĕkklēsia–ek-klay-see’–ah), or follow the teachings of Christ, they wouldn’t be qualified to become a Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Medical Practitioner. However, these individuals may qualify for the “Diplomate”…see below. Those who do believe in the One True God (Heb. Yahweh) who created the heavens and the earth, and everything therein they may qualify for the Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner. See Practitioner Why & How Page.

Additional notes on the “Diplomate” status: For USA and International practitioners, Christians and non-Christians: GEMA will grant the Diplomate Certificate to individuals who reside inside and outside the United States who may not be orthodox Christians. These coveted documents are awarded to outstanding natural wellness practitioners, whether Christian or non-Christian in the US and International countries around the world, who invest their time and efforts in relieving human suffering.  You can apply for  For Diplomate status, please inquire at info@gemassociation.org.

6. Is Holistic Healing akin to Ecclesiastical Medicine?

Yes. In essence all healing is theological at its root inasmuch as Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit, imparts the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing (and other gifts – I Corinthians 12:7-11). These gifts are given freely and are received by the believer who asks in faith to receive them. Each believer is a member of the body of Christ, and each one (though housed in a single body) must function as a whole (I Cor. 12:12) within the body by fully cooperating with others who adhere to the same principles of doctrine and faith. Licensed and Registered members of GEMA are considered by the public to be holistic (natural wellness) healers/practitioners. They seek a more balanced approach to healing and recognize that ultimately all healing flows from God. Therefore, anyone who has not been transformed into a new person and doesn’t follow the teachings of Jesus Christ cannot [completely] understand the spiritual principles of Scripture, or exercise them. This proof is found in the New Testament, “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (Romans 8:9; I Corinthians 2:14 – NKJV-New King James Version – quotation marks added by GEMA editors).

7. Does the Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association™ (GEMA) promote the Views of a Particular Church (or Denomination)?

No. However, it must be made clear that there are two beliefs that describe the meaning of Church:


(a) It is a physical organization. In some instances each physical organization/Association, Alliance/Federation, or Fellowship, may claim it is the [one-and-only] Church in accordance to its interpretation of Scripture.
(b) It is a spiritual group of people, whether abiding on earth or in heaven that are trusting in Christ for salvation—the most accepted view worldwide. This describes those who accept the Church as a spiritual remnant [people], and object to the ideological view that the name posted on the door of an earthly physical building called a church is the [only] biblical Spiritual Church alluded to in Scripture. Those who adhere to the aforementioned view (point b) further declare that the name posted on the church facility is of no consequence to anyone’s salvation; only trusting in Christ by faith is required for someone to be accepted into the Spiritual Church.

8. Can a USA Ecclesiastical Medical Association protect a member who practices natural wellness in a Foreign Country?

As a general rule, it is difficult for an Ecclesiastical Medical Association to protect someone outside the USA. However, under some conditions a US based attorney employed by a Religious Medical Organization may send a letter to a foreign government official in an effort to assist a practitioner. Sometimes this letter may help to some degree, but usually doesn’t bring the desired results. The reason why protecting a member outside the USA is difficult is that there is not a single country on earth that has a constitution like that of the United States. In most countries citizens have few civil or religious rights, and no freedom of speech. Our forefathers who framed the Constitution of the United States (because of their experiences in Europe), made sure that no entity or person would be denied freedom of speech, civil rights, or the right to follow the tenets of a religion in accordance to one’s choice.


Some Associations, similar to GEMA also have licensed members in foreign countries. Nonetheless, it is doubtful that any Association can and/or would make an effort to protect members outside the USA, especially since foreign lawyers are notorious for overcharging US corporations and US citizens for services rendered. For the record, GEMA has members outside the USA like other Groups, but a disclaimer is attached to our agreement, which restricts some of the benefits that Americans enjoy. Why does GEMA take this stance? If we said that GEMA would protect them, this may not [always] be a truthful statement. GEMA promotes “Truth and Accountability” and abides by the motto of “honesty above all else,” thereby vowing not to take financial advantage of anyone by misleading him/her.


Christianity is declared illegal in Some Countries: In many (but not all) Muslim countries, it is against Islamic law to own a Bible, wear a cross on one’s neck, and sometimes against Islamic law to be a Christian. Occasionally the penalty for breaking Islamic law is death by strangulation, choking, or death through being beheaded. Furthermore, though Islamic countries may vary in their strictness, penalties, and the severity of punishment meted out to lawbreakers, nonetheless, the constitutions of Islamic and non-Islamic countries have laws that are vastly different than those of the constitution of the United States. Therefore, GEMA CANNOT make promises or offer any legal advice that may be beyond the scope of a natural health practice in any foreign country, whether the country is Christian or non-Christian.

9. Is GEMA a Church Organization (that is an Association, Society, Alliance, etc.)?

Yes. However, GEMA in a physical sense is not a Church, but holds the IRS 501 c-3 – not-for-profit status of a “Religious and Charitable” organization. Nonetheless, its activities as a “Religious and Charitable” organization are protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

10. What is the meaning of the word "ASSOCIATION?"

The Legal Definition of an Association is:


(a) A group of persons who share common interests or a common purpose and who are organized with varying degrees of formality — compare corporation.
(b) The act of having contact or communication with or keeping company with another person or entity.

11. What is the History of the Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association (GEMA)?

We, the founders/officials of GEMA have a combined experience of 100 years with Christian membership programs, presently operating six membership corporations, with the first being established in 1976. The idea of the Medical Association was conceived when we acquired the Louisiana Naturopathic Medical Association in 2001, hereinafter referred to as “LNMA.” At that particular time (2001), the LNMA had been inactive for about 25 years, having been incorporated in 1975. Upon investigating the original incorporator, it was learned that LNMA was incorporated by a Doctor of Medicine (MD) who had little knowledge of academia and marketing, so he finally dissolved the corporation. At that particular time (2001), the founders of GEMA considered expanding [the] LNMA nationwide, but to achieve our goal, the name had to be changed. Though this decision was made by a 100 % approval vote of a five person board, regrettably the project was not placed on a top priority list, because the founders were active officials of six other 501 c-3 corporations with outreaches in the USA and 65 other countries. Though approved to reach all the USA, the LNMA was never launched, because of time restraints. So, regrettably the task was laid aside.


As the years passed, discussions began again in 2015 about activating the LNMA. After discussing the matter, we decided that the name, Louisiana Naturopathic Medical Association, Inc. (est. 1975) would be changed, but we would keep the word “Association.” But at the request of our Attorneys, we established another separate corporation for legal purposes under the name, Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association™ Inc. (est. 2016). What’s in a name? The name Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association ™ (GEMA) alludes to a community of people, composed of individuals who are in one accord (agreement) concerning biblical doctrine and have a vision for human beings to be well and whole (body, mind and spirit). Having named the new corporation, Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association ™ (GEMA), it then was essential that it would grant members an Ecclesiastical License (sometimes “Registered” designation) and expand beyond the borders of Louisiana. At the same time, we filed for a 501 c-3 tax exempt status, for which we have received approval from the US Internal Revenue Service.

12. Is the Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association (GEMA), a 501 c-3?

Yes. Furthermore, GEMA falls into an IRS category of being a “charitable, religious, educational and scientific organization” that requires its members to be genuine in their religious and charitable programs and in a position to constantly prove to be acting in good faith. Income derived from a 501 c-3 cannot be for the inurement of any one person and/or persons, while a “for profit” organization may be operated by a single person, and the proceeds used in any manner or for any cause that he/she wishes. Furthermore, this kind of Regulatory Board is required by the IRS to have 5 to 7 members, with the President and Treasurer not being related by blood or marriage.


We chose to be a charitable and religious 501 c-3 Corporation for the purpose of providing more substantial coverage for our members who hold practicing credentials as well as for the Patron members who benefit from GEMA’s programs and services.


Note on Financial Compensation: GEMA, as a not-for-profit IRS approved Association is not permitted to earn any profit on services provided by Groups associated with us. This means, as a “Practitioner” you are guaranteed the lowest costs on the services provided by associated Groups, because the costs are not raised for you so that GEMA may receive financial compensation.

13. Does GEMA have different Membership Levels?

Yes. There are Five levels.


(a) The first membership level is the “Guardian.” It is composed of three Administrative Divisions (Branches) that are structured like those of the United States government. “Guardian” is a biblical word found in the New Testament, and is used when referring to an Overseer or Superintendent. Like the US government, the “Guardian Level” is composed of a Legislative Branch whose purpose is to make policies; each “Guardian” member has over 40 years of experience and is adept in theology, ministry, natural health consultation, medicine, and teaching. The second branch is the Executive Branch whose purpose is to administer the GEMA policies. The third branch is the Judicial Branch which interprets policies and furthermore settles any disputes that may arise among members. When disputes arise among Specialists, Patrons, Certified Apprentices, or Guardians, these are presented to the Executive Branch, then the Executive Branch collaborates with the Judicial Branch (that is, the High Court), before a final decision is made.


NOTE: Four of the five members whose signatures appear on the License, serve on the Executive Branch. These individuals are specifically chosen to be “guardians of the right to use the GEMA license and registered designations” since they are skilled in various kinds of health disciplines and natural medicines.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: After [credentialed] Practitioners have passed an extensive background check, they still may be denied membership if the information gathered proves that the Applicant is currently and actively involved in promoting atheism, hatred toward Jews, Christians, various races, or promoting hatred and sedition of the United States of America.


(b) The second membership level is the [Ecclesiastical] “Licensed Holistic Medical Practitioner” (hereinafter called, “Licensed Practitioner”).This level is composed of individuals who provide biblically based consultation. They assist individuals and families who wish to find relief from their maladies or sicknesses. All the evaluations on the behalf of the “Licensee” are derived from a faith-based model and they agree to the Eight Essential Biblical Truths.  These members hold a license granted to them by the GEMA Central Headquarters domiciled in Louisiana, USA.  Although some “Practitioners” may be licensed by their states in various disciplines, others are not. Some may [only] hold a License granted by GEMA. NOTE: Board Certification is available at a reduced price for the “GEMA Licensed/Registered Practitioner.” If you already have a GEMA license and want to apply for Board Certification, please send an email to:  info@gemassociation.org If you are new to GEMA, you can Apply GEMA membership here.


(c) The third membership level is the “Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner” (hereinafter called, “Registered Practitioner”). This “Practitioner” is essentially the same as b. (see above). However, though he/she is deemed use faith-based, holistic medicine, he/she may be Christian or non-Christian, but does believe in the One Almighty God (Heb. Yahweh) who created the heavens and the earth, and everything therein. This “Practitioner” like (b.) of the abovementioned provides guidance, specialized consultation, and education in natural wellness for the “Patron” member.


(d) The fourth membership level is the “Licensed Christian Counselor.” This person must be exclusively involved in Pastoral/Christian or biblical counseling, and is not permitted to offer services in which he/she is not specifically educated, experienced, or trained. (See #20).  All rules and regulations, contracts, agreements also apply.


(e) The fifth membership level is the “Patron.” These members receive the benefits of the “LifeCare Member Program” provided by the “Practitioners.” A “Patron” member is not required to be an orthodox Christian (is not granted a license); and is someone who is seeking natural health consultation. GEMA “Practitioners” render non-discriminatory services, offering life-giving, health advice and service to any member, regardless of race, religion, age or sex. And if the abovementioned wishes to become a member of GEMA, the membership is free, irrespective of one’s creed (belief), because we believe it to be unethical, immoral and unbiblical to turn away anyone from the possibility of improving his/her health. When a “Patron” member is agonizing with a physical malady, spiritual confusion, or idiopathic disease, he/she able to choose from a list of qualified “Practitioners” who offer various kinds of consultation.


*Details and benefits of the Life-Care Program may be found in the Life-Care Member Program Waiver, and is signed by the “Practitioner” and “Patron.” This agreement is required to be signed before any natural wellness consultation is provided by the “Practitioner.” When a “Practitioner” observes maladies or dysfunction in a “Patron” member in which he/she is unskilled and lacking in knowledge, a “Practitioner” member has the liberty to ask the advice of another experienced “Practitioner” or refer a “Patron” to a licensed medical doctor.


NOTE: Board Certification is not a license, but nonetheless a valuable document and sought after by many individuals. It is available to anyone who may or may not be an orthodox Christian, and may reside inside or outside the United States. (See #32)  If you already have a GEMA license and want to apply for Board Certification, please send an email to:  info@gemassociation.org If you are new to GEMA, you can Apply for GEMA membership here.

14. Is it Imperative that an Ecclesiastical Group (Association, Society, etc.) be incorporated or be a 501 c-3?

It goes without saying that it is uncommon for any kind of religious or Ecclesiastical Society (or Alliance, Federation, Organization, League, Association) not to be a 501 c-3, but in some cases the individual and/or individuals may decide that establishing a private enterprise, may best suit their purpose and goals.

15. When is a 501 c-3 required?

A “church” by definition automatically is under the 501 c-3 IRS Exception Code as long as it operates as a church. However, “religious/charitable non-church organizations” (such as Christian Counseling Centers, Evangelistic Ministries, and others) must file and receive their determination from the IRS for all income to be tax deductible. If someone chooses not to apply for the 501c-3 non-profit status, then he/she must operate as a for-profit such as an LLC or other types of for-profit corporations and pay taxes on all income received.


NOTE: The good news is that GEMA has affiliated organizations that can help you with Tax Church/Law issues. If you wish to learn if your organization qualifies to be a 501c-3 Tax-exempt corporation, contact GEMA in Shreveport, Louisiana at info@gemassociation.org. In some cases the 501 c-3 may be granted within 30 to 45 days, at a very reasonable costs.

16. When was GEMA officially Incorporated?

It was officially incorporated in Louisiana on October 3, 2016.

17. Does a Ministerial Medical Association (Society, Alliance, etc.) have the wherewithal to protect members, if they consult with individuals about health on a professional basis?

The answer is “Yes and No.” There is no guarantee that State or Federal authorities will not attempt to regulate what one does in a natural wellness private practice or make an effort to regulate various services provided. This is especially true if state authorities feel that someone in private practice is saying or doing something that is endangering the well-being and health of individuals within the state. Notwithstanding, by holding a “License or Registered title” from GEMA, you may be confident in knowing that GEMA will fight for your right to counsel, teach, consult, and administer certain tests, and make recommendations concerning lifestyle changes along with explaining the proper use of nutritional supplements. However, GEMA, or any other Group or Association, does not have the liberty to issue a member a written “iron-glad guarantee” to “protect” any natural wellness practitioner from State laws or US government statues.


All members of GEMA must abide by State and Federal laws, and anyone who holds a “license or a registered title,” and chooses to ignore state and federal laws is subject to loss of said “License or Registered title” and potential prosecution for breaking the law. Also, it is required that all GEMA members keep his/her liability insurance updated. If a lawsuit is filed, your Insurance Company will use its own attorneys to argue your case in a Court of Law. GEMA also has its own attorneys and these well-informed attorneys will guide and assist you when obstacles arise, and will make a robust effort to defend your First Amendment Rights.


Notes on making unwarranted claims: There have been some natural health practitioners who have been taken to court in some states for making unwarranted claims and charged with “practicing medicine without a license.” Although these individuals held a ministerial license (sometimes ordination), they got into trouble because they assumed that their religious credentials gave them the right to advertise claims to cure diseases, diagnose, prevent diseases, and treat diseases. It seems that plain logic would have been a good “measuring stick” that would have saved these individuals from heavy fines and penalties, because even State licensed Medical Doctors cannot advertise a “cure” for diseases.


The best rule of safety is to abide by the FDA ruling passed in the USA in the mid-1990’s, which states that companies that make natural health products are not permitted to make certain claims. This also extends to individuals who may recommend natural health products in a professional setting.


Take note of the following which is revised from the FDA ruling for natural health products, but here made relevant to humans: “A person is not permitted to diagnose, treat, or claim to cure or prevent any disease, or promote products that he/she may claim will cure or prevent diseases.” The FDA doesn’t [explicitly] state in writing that “a person” is not permitted to diagnose, treat, or claim to cure or prevent disease, but instead states that a product (that is, non-pharmaceutical) is not to treat, cure or prevent any disease and/or diseases. All state and federal laws prohibit a non-licensed healthcare provider to diagnose, treat, or claim to cure or prevent any disease through the use of any instrument or product, or otherwise. Some practitioners who have made unwarranted claims have been charged, and in some cases, convicted in a Court of Law. Some practitioners have paid heavy fines ranging up to $10,000 [USD], while others have been sentenced to 7 years in prison and sometimes up to 10 to 12 years for practicing medicine without a license. The aforementioned statement is true, because we have personally spoken with several individuals who have served up to 12 years in prison for allegedly practicing medicine without a license.


NOTE: Remember this: “A legal proceeding delayed [against a practitioner] does not mean a legal case has been denied, disallowed or not discussed by State officials, Licensing officials, or others within the state where a practitioner operates a Natural Wellness Center.”

18. Is GEMA domiciled in the United States of America?

Yes, and we are proud of this. GEMA licenses and other documents clearly read that the Association (GEMA) is domiciled in the United States. GEMA has its executive offices and mailing address in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, and you may schedule a visit if you wish to come and talk one-on-one with GEMA staff and/or directors. However an appointment must be scheduled 30 days in advance of the date you wish to visit us.

19. Does GEMA grant Degrees?

No. A degree is considered by all 50 states to be an academic instrument, thus it must be awarded by an approved (or registered) educational institution by the Department of Education of the state. On the other hand, Ministerial [Medical] Groups may promote webinars, seminars, issue the status of “Diplomate” (often wrongly called “Diplomat”—an official of a country that works in a foreign country under the guidance of the Ambassador), and grant certificates of completion in studies to someone. However, it is an uncommon procedure to grant academic instruments such as degrees. Since a degree is an academic instrument, thus approval by the Board of Education in a state is required. A diploma may be awarded in some states (not all) by a non-registered Association, because it is not considered an academic instrument in some US states.

20. How will GEMA benefit someone who is a pastoral christian counselor?

When someone is a Pastoral or Christian Counselor he/she may legally counsel inside a Church, but if he/she wishes to establish an office outside the walls of a church facility, it becomes a more complicated matter. At the time of this post on the Internet on our website, three states are known to have passed laws (at the date of this post) that grant a “Pastoral Counselor” license to someone who has earned a regionally accredited masters or doctorate degree in psychology. Isn’t this odd? Whatever happening to the separation of powers, between the Church and the State and the First Amendment of the US Constitution?


NOTE: If you wish to establish a Pastoral and/or Christian Counseling Center outside the Church, having an IRS 501 c-3 determination letter is essential if you wish to be a non-profit religious organization. If you are interested in attaining a not-for-profit 501 c-3, contact GEMA about its many services that are provided by associated Groups. TV and internet ads that claim to set up corporations of any kind will mislead you, because attaining a 501-c-3 is usually costly and complicated. The good news is: “Two 501 c-3 Groups associated with GEMA have been given the authority by the IRS to be a “Parent Group” which gives them the authority to grant the 501 c -3 status (not-for-profit exemption) within 30-45 days to qualified applicants.” So, it’s not necessary to wait for one or two years and pay an attorney thousands of dollars to acquire a 501 c-3. GEMA will recommend you to an organization that is associated with us that will assist you in attaining a not-for-profit 501 c-3 for your Natural Wellness Center within 30 to 45 days.

21. Does GEMA require those applying for a license, registration and/or certification to pass a quiz?

Yes. The GEMA multiple choice (Quiz) is important for many reasons:


(a) GEMA must know beyond doubt that someone possesses the knowledge and experience to hold our credential to practice, and that GEMA can make good its claim to have tested and checked the member to the best of its ability. However, this is not the protocol followed with some Groups. Some licensing groups do not test applicants, but [only] “claim” to test applicants for the reason of attracting clients for their practitioners via the Internet. In one particular case, we learned directly from the person who was granted a license from a religious Medical Association, that she had less than three months of education and no experience. If a written examination is not required of applicants to hold a credential to practice, and the officials of a state are impeded from learning of a practitioner’s education and experience, this may send the wrong message.


(b) GEMA members are tested to ensure the Association can offer them some protection, not only under the US Constitutional Rights to have Religious Freedom, but also that a member of GEMA (the Association) has shown to possess the knowledge of natural health practices. Without such a test to cover such claims, it may lead state officials to assume that the public is placed in imminent danger/jeopardy by practitioners who claim to be practicing some form of the healing arts. GEMA as an Association will make an effort to corporate with Board Medical Board officials or State officials. But in rare cases GEMA may not cooperate, because a religious and charitable Medical Association is granted the right by the US Constitution to withhold certain information if it wishes to do so. However, GEMA operates in a transparent manner, for the benefit of its Members, both for legal and moral reasons.

22. Is a Pastoral (Ecclesiastical) or Christian Counselor allowed to Practice outside a Church Facility?

Yes, but only under certain conditions. When a Pastoral or Christian Counselor is operating outside a church facility, there is usually scrutiny by State Officials at the insistence of the Board of Psychology. And in some instances a Pastoral or Christian Counselor may become entangled in legal issues. Though liability insurance is required of each member of GEMA to practice, our License is beneficial because GEMA officials are experienced and thus are able to assist members during crises with professional and legal counsel. If by chance you, as a Pastoral/Christian Counselor become entangled in a problematic situation, the first step is, we ask our attorneys to write a letter which may carry some weight to dissuade an Individual, Institution, or State from pursuing and/or suing a GEMA member in the Courts or charging a member for a criminal act. If this doesn’t work, then we’ll use another plan.


Important: The title “Pastoral Counselor” or “Christian Counselor” in today’s society (USA) doesn’t specifically identify someone as a “Pastor.” In the past 30 years “Pastoral/Christian Counseling” has slowly evolved into a “multi-faceted eclectic kind of biblical counseling” used by pastors and non-pastors alike.

23. Does GEMA grant licenses to applicants who are ONLY Pastoral Counselors?

No. Those who are granted a license by GEMA are involved in various kinds of ministries. We don’t use the term “pastor” in our name, because not everyone who applies for a GEMA license is a “pastor” (an elder/overseer of a church). Our name, GEMA, implies a broader perspective so that those who are not pastors may educate, teach, or guide individuals in a private setting about biblical (or ecclesiastical) medicines, foods, oils, and health modalities and administer certain tests. However, a License from GEMA posted on the wall of a Pastoral Counselor allows a counselor to practice legally, though GEMA permits the licensee to only perform the duties of a Christian Counselor.


Notes on Tests: Some GEMA members use communication tests, laboratory tests, allergy tests, hair tissue mineral analysis, pH balance saliva tests, and electrical or battery powered devices that may give them insight into conditions within the body that may be causing dysfunction. None of these methods are meant to diagnose, cure or treat, but for educational purposes only. The GEMA “Practitioner” would then tell the “patron” to make an appointed his/her medical physician if anything was considered to be outside the scope of his/her practice. (See Code of Operations.)


Notes on Tests and Instruments: GEMA provides a written “waiver” for the “Practitioner” that is required to be signed by each “Patron” member before tests are conducted for him/her. This includes pH balance tests, hair tissue analyses, etc. With the exception of the pH balance test, all other tests and/or conclusions given or information gathered by instruments of any kind must be sent to outside sources (organizations/companies) for analysis, so as to prevent the “Practitioner” from being accused of “diagnosing” maladies or diseases. The turn-around time for these sources (organizations/companies) in sending the “Practitioner” their findings (conclusions, not diagnoses) is usually 2 to 3 days.

24. What's in our "Name" that you should know about?

In the New Testament, the word “guardian” is twice mentioned. The Apostle Paul refers to himself in I Corinthians 4:15 as a “spiritual father” or “teacher/overseer.” The Apostle Paul felt that he guarded those who became believers in Christ because of his ministry. The Greek word paidogoges, meaning “guardian” is used in I Corinthians 4:15; the same Greek word paidogoges is used in Galatians 3:24, where Paul is illustrating how the [Mosaic] Law was a “guardian” for the Jews. The “guardian” is an “overseer”—one who guides, instructs, and assists believers in helping non-believers and believers [in Christ] alike, to discover the abundant life (see John 10:10- “the abundant life”) promised by Christ, which is a healthy, fulfilling life with a plentiful surplus. As Guardians, we prepare and continue to train and guide credentialed members, to assist people who have or imbalances health issues and don’t know there is a more wholesome and healthy life that awaits them.

25. Does GEMA offer a License to those who are adherents of non-Christian religions, advocates of atheism, Satanic cults, or other Occultic Sects?

The executives of GEMA will grant a license to everyone who applies in the USA who is trained well in natural health and a servant of Christ, and believes in GEMAs tenets of faith. These are the important criteria which allow “Practitioners” to receive protection and guidance for the services they offer. Anyone outside these protective parameters cannot be offered the same level of protection; therefore GEMA cannot accept these individuals as members.


Application for Licensure: There are other factors not mentioned here that will influence your acceptance to be approved as a “Practitioner.” Please review the Agreement Between Parties.


NOTE: The New Testament does not resort to using ambiguous terms when describing the lifestyle of one who applies for a license or ordination—he/she must be theologically knowledgeable, living a consistent Christian life and have an unblemished record. The Bible explicitly states that an applicant who applies for the title of minister, pastor, or bishop must have a proven record of faithfulness, experience, be versed in biblical theology and able to interpret Scripture accurately before being approved for a credential by a Ministerial Board.

26. Will GEMA continually change the rules for its members?

Every organization may change its rules from time-to-time, but we wish to convey to wanna-be members, that we do not intend to [continually] raise our fees for membership in the foreseeable future, thus putting you in a precarious position. In a nutshell, we wish to say that we shall make every effort not to make any drastic changes (but only minor ones), when deemed necessary. Sometimes changes may be implemented out of necessity, especially when certain national laws relevant to health are changed in order to keep your private practice legal and safe. GEMA vows to gives its best to ensure that you are offered a stable and beneficial service, in an effort to minimize confusion by any unnecessary changes. Due to the fact that we have more than 40 plus years of experience in developing membership programs of various kinds and natural health private practice, we believe our service to be superior, because “Experience is the best policy.”


NOTE: Your insurance company is there to protect you in your private practice, and a concerned credentialing Group will also use its influence to safeguard your right to practice the healing arts under the religious exception in accordance to the US Constitution. GEMA has invested a lot of time to learn what insurance companies will best suit your needs. You will receive the list of companies after you become a credentialed member of GEMA.

27. What are the steps needed to join GEMA and to be granted credentials?


LHMP – Licensed Holistic Medical Practitioner (Christians, USA Only)

RHMP – Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner (of Non-Christian Faith, USA Only)

LCC – Licensed Christian Counselor (Christians, non-health based, USA Only)


a.) First, an Applicant must have completed studies at an education institution that GEMA recognizes as academically in good standing, accredited, registered, and offering approved natural health education. Although your academic record must be sound, experience is also considered for you to be accepted to hold the GEMA license. In addition, you must have earned one or more of the following degrees that must be recognized as substantial and valid by GEMA’s Evaluation Committee: Doctorate, Master’s, or Bachelor’s degree. Also, a “Diploma” (though not a degree) is acceptable if it meets the criteria in the abovementioned.


b.) Second, our online application will require you to answer many questions. To apply for membership you must complete the application and pay a non-refundable application fee of $50.00.


c.)  Third, you will be given an online quiz (with 14-20 Biblical, Natural Health and/or Constitutional questions), depending on the title with which you are applying.  Upon completion, you will immediately see your score.  If you don’t pass with at least 70% correct answers, you will have the opportunity to re-take the quiz until you pass.


d.) Fourth, a background check is ordered and you will be notified within 1-3 days regarding the results.  If you are rejected, you will not be allowed to finish the application process. If you pass, you will receive another email to collect payments.


e.) Fifth, (if you pass the background check), you will receive an email with two links.  One link will include your GEMA admission fee ($375.00).  HOWEVER, if you complete the entire (6-step) application process within 10 days, your admission fee will be reduced to $175.00.   Your GEMA monthly membership fee will range from $35.00 – $85.00, which is decided in accordance to the evaluation of your application answers.


In addition, a separate link will take to your Holistic Health Link monthly fee ($25.00).  NOTE:  GEMA is dedicated to “GUARDING” your holistic health services AND GEMA is committed to your “GROWTH.”  For that reason, we have teamed up with Holistic Health Link (HHL) to boost your SEO and listing hierarchy on Google; as well as improve local visibility and increase brand awareness.  HHL will expand your exposure by providing you a one-page custom (optomized) directory listing.  Whether you have a website or not, this site will be the URL you will provide to your clients to sign the GEMA LifeCare agreement.  HHL automatically adds the GEMA logo, disclaimer, and a tab for them to complete the LifeCare agreement.  Plus, HHL allows you to add credentials, modalities, fees, office hours, photos/videos, etc…and sell holistic products/programs.


This Directory Listing is provided to GEMA member’s at a reduced rate of $25.00 (regularly $30.00) per month and is required for all GEMA licensees. Learn more here.


f.) Sixth, after you’ve done all of the above mentioned you will receive a final email with your License/Registration number, followed by a Wall document and wallet card that will be mailed to you.


FOR STAFF MEMBERS:  AWC (Associate Wellness Consultant)


AWC members have the liberty and authority to perform the following and other legal duties, not mentioned herein, only at the direction of an [Ecclesiastical] Licensed and/or Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner: Minister life, healing, and deliverance to distressed and hurting individuals through prayer and the laying on of hands; by counsel and natural source remedies; by dietary and healthy lifestyle protocols; and to practice biblical and religious activities pertaining to this designation in accordance to respective ordinances of residence and the Constitution of the United States of America.


a.)  Complete the online application


b.)  Pay a non-refundable application fee of $50.00.


c.)  Background Check approval


d.)  Pay $35.00 GEMA monthly membership fee


*AWC members do NOT pay GEMA admission fee and are NOT required to have a Holistic Health Link listing.

28. What is GEMA's Statement of Faith?

The following is GEMA’S Statement of Faith, compiled into Eight Fundamental Biblical Truths. Christians who have studied Scriptural numerology know that the number Eight alludes to New Beginnings. One must be in agreement with GEMA’S Eight Fundamental Biblical Truths when applying for a membership license and must warrant that he/she believes in numbers 1 through 7, and is currently practicing number 8.


1. The Bible is our Sole Guide
The Bible sets forth criteria for a heaven-bound people, and supremely declares the “Holy Oracles” of God, which our confidence in its profound truth is essential for establishing our faith and religious practices.

2. The Scriptures
The Scriptures, both the Old and New Testaments are verbally inspired, the product of holy men of ancient times who spoke and recorded the words of God as they were urged by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21). The Bible is the revelation of God to humankind, and is the inerrant and authoritative guide for faith and conduct (2 Timothy 3:15-17; 1 Thessalonians 2:13).

3. The Triune Godhead
The one true God has revealed Himself as the eternal, self-existent, immutable “I AM” (Exodus 3:14), the Creator of the universe and the Redeemer of mankind (Deuteronomy 5:4; Exodus 3:14; Isaiah 43:10-11). God has further revealed Himself as a Triune Being but manifested in three personalities (not modes) as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Isaiah 48:16; Matthew 28:19; Luke 3:22).

4. The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ
The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, is Divine, and shares in the Deity of God as the second person of the Holy Trinity (Matthew 1:23; John 5:22; 23:2; John 3; Hebrews 1:1-3).

5. Original Sin and the fall of Humankind
Human beings are created beings, made in the likeness and image of God. However, the first man, Adam, by his own transgression lost the right to his exalted position because he sinned. His sins resulted in physical and spiritual death, which is separation from God (Genesis 1:26-27; 2:17; 3:6-24; Romans 5:12-19).

6. The Salvation of Humankind
The only hope of redemption for humankind is to believe that Christ, the Son of God (Luke 24:47), shed His blood on Cavalry for the salvation of humankind, and that He was raised up alive from the dead and is now at the right side of God, the Father, in heaven. Salvation is received through repentance (i.e., a change of heart, attitude, and mind towards God) and by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ to receive it (Acts 4:12; Romans 5:8-13; 10:9; James 1:21; Ephesians 2:8).

7. Divine Healing
Divine healing is clearly provided for in the Old Testament (Exodus 15:23-26; Psalm 103:1-3; Isaiah 53:4,5) and is an integral part of the Gospel as presented in the New Testament as taught by Christ, the Apostles, and the Early Church (Matthew 8:15,17; Acts 5:16; James 5:14-15). Divine healing is wrought by the power of God through miraculous means and sometimes by means of a human source, as directed by the Holy Spirit. Deliverance from physical and mental diseases, sicknesses, and ailments is provided for in the Atonement (Matthew 8:16, 17; James 5:14, 15—shed blood of Christ), and occurs by fervent prayer (James 5:16), and by the Word of God via a word (Gk. rhēma – a spoken message from God that comes through a human) of wisdom or knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:8). A revelatory word/insight/prediction (Gk. rhēma), when spoken by divinely inspired individuals is often through the supernatural unction of the Holy Spirit. The revelatory word may suggest that someone may benefit from the use of medical procedures, techniques, and formulas from the sources of allopathy, naprapathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, herbals and botanicals, and cleansing of the body through biblical fasting as well as other healing modalities not mentioned herein.

8. Moral Impurity will cause one to forfeit the Kingdom of God
In numerous passages the New Testament states the qualities of one who desires to be a church leader (that is, apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher – Ephesians 4:11, elder, deacon, bishop or overseer – 1Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9). Whenever the qualifications are listed for church leaders and commissioned ministers, the New Testament always mentions morality and pure actions.


NOTE: To be accepted into the membership of GEMA, one must testify on the application sent to GEMA that he/she believes in and practices GEMA’s Eight Fundamental Biblical Truths, and is living a life of moral purity.

29. What is the position of GEMA concerning Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage?

Definition of Marriage & Homosexuality as defined by the Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association:


a.) We resolve as a matter of belief, doctrine, and religious practice, that the Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical AssociationTM (GEMA) defines the term “marriage” to be a covenant relationship between one born a man and one born a woman to the exclusion of all others; this is our belief in accordance to the teachings of the Bible.

b.) We believe the Bible teaches that God intended for marriage to be a life-long covenant of fidelity between one born a man and one born a woman, symbolizing the relationship of Christ and His Church. This biblical understanding of marriage is the basis of strong, healthy families; and is therefore to be nourished and defended by every devout Christian, every local church, the universal church, and by each licensed member of GEMA.

c.) The Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical AssociationTM (GEMA) is fully convinced (according to the Scriptural references below) that God is opposed to homosexuality and the gay lifestyle. However, we also are aware that God’s perfect (ultimate) will is to forgive and restore anyone who humbles himself/herself, and in sincerity asks His forgiveness for living an immoral lifestyle. It is our belief that homosexuals are sinners like everyone else and thus need God’s forgiveness. We believe that anyone who is enslaved to homosexuality can be supernaturally freed from its grip by God’s power from this sin and empowered to live a changed lifestyle. We believe we are to love every person enticed into this deception, and as Christians, are required by the Scripture to hold firm to our biblical beliefs. (See Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26, 27, and I Corinthians 6:9, 10.)

d.) Homosexuality is oppositional to God’s divine plan for the human race in that homosexual couples cannot procreate as commanded in Genesis. It not only distorts the order of marriage established in the Garden of Eden, but also increases the probability of disease in the body and distress in a person’s emotions.

30. What happens if a credentialed GEMA member does not follow our rules/regulations?

All complaints against a GEMA Licensee are submitted to the Complaint Center at info@gemassociation.org, which will be presented to the Executive Board. A majority of the board members have been in private practice for over 25 years; three have taught at medical schools, universities, chiropractic colleges, and naturopathic medical schools, with one having co-authored four books in natural medicine. Two have been in ministry for 40 years, and four board members are ordained ministers. The Executive Board is composed of three males and two females. All are ethical, fair, compassionate, and devoted to sound, fair, and ethical principles. If a GEMA Licensed “Practitioner” is  warned or disciplined, he/she will be confident in knowing that all final rulings shall be fair with all things considered. All complaints are carefully investigated and evaluated before a GEMA Licensee is asked to give an account of his/her actions. In the event that the Licensed “Specialist” is found guilty of breaking GEMA rules and regulations, the said individual’s License will be revoked.

31. Will a statue of the State or a government regulation interfere with a [Holistic Medical Health] “Practitioner" providing a “Patron,” a Life-Care Member Program?

In the past, state officials have not interfered with anyone who provided certain healing methodologies to the public without a State license, especially if a “Practitioner” was using a natural health protocol when consulting with clients. Nonetheless, Practitioners remain anxious and concerned that they need some kind of license. This is where GEMA is helpful. By granting someone a credential to practice and by giving a credentialed member the assurance that we shall guide and defend his/her right to consult freely without fear is what we do best. GEMA’S mission and purpose is to keep our credentialed members from becoming entangled in legal matters, and thus we ask them not to test the border of illegality and to be ethical at all times.

32. Does GEMA offer Board Certification?



USA APPLICANTS ONLY must already be a Licensed, Registered practitioner or Licensed Christian Counselor member before applying for Board Certification.  Once your GEMA membership is approved you can apply for Board Certification cost $250 annually.  To apply, please email BoardCertification@gemassociation.org.

33. How will a GEMA credential benefit me?

Holding a (ministerial) License, Registered title or License Christian Couselor from GEMA is beneficial because it demonstrates to your clients that you are a member of a prestigious Association and that you have met certain educational and clinical requirements. Furthermore, the many resources that GEMA has available will benefit you tremendously, whether you need to market your services to enhance your profile, or acquire further education and training in the healing arts. By holding credentials from GEMA, a credentialed member is given credibility in the public, being assured that he/she is sound, well trained, has ethical principles, and is knowledgeable in the use of holistic medicine.


At the time of this writing (post), only about 18 states in the USA, have naturopathic physician licensing laws, so if a GEMA “Practitioner” resides in a state that doesn’t have a licensing law, this may be beneficial. Notwithstanding, whether there is a licensing law or not, is of no consequence, because the declaration in the First Amendment of the US Constitution, declares the separation of Church and State—called the “Separation of Powers” (that is, governmental powers of Washington, D.C., as well as the power of the 50 US states). Example: There was a time in the [past] history of the USA when a license was not required for someone to provide certain services within a state such as plumbing repairs, building houses, hair salon services, massage, electrical repairs, etc. But today a license is required in all 50 US states for an endless list of professions. However, you have freedom with a GEMA license, inasmuch as the services you provide are considered to be “religious.” The word “religious” makes a difference, because you have rights and privileges afforded you by the First Amendment of the US Constitution. This increases the value of the Ecclesiastical License granted to you by GEMA.

34. Will someone in the General Public benefit from Information on the GEMA Website, though he/she is not a member of the Association?

Yes. Under the “Resources” tab, there is information concerning natural health benefits, scientific discoveries related to natural medicine, e-books, videos, etc.

35. Does GEMA offer personalized websites for Members?

Yes, however, this is done through an affiliated third party company called Holistic Health Link.  Since GEMA is a not-for-profit “Religious and Charitable” 501 c-3 corporation; it is not allowed to receive money for such services.  Learn more.


NOTE: GEMA requires all licensees have a Holistic Health Link listing.

36. What is Holistic Health Link and how will it help GEMA practitioner members "GROW" their businesses?

GEMA is not only dedicated to “GUARDING” your holistic health services, GEMA is also committed to your “GROWTH.”  For that reason, we have teamed up with Holistic Health Link (HHL) to boost your SEO and listing hierarchy on Google; as well as improve local visibility and increase brand awareness.  HHL will expand your exposure by providing you a one-page custom (optimized) directory listing.  Whether you have a website or not, this site will be the URL you will provide to your clients to sign the GEMA LifeCare agreement.  HHL automatically adds the GEMA logo, disclaimer, and a tab for them to complete the LifeCare agreement.  Plus, HHL allows you to add credentials, modalities, fees, office hours, photos/videos, etc…and sell holistic products/programs.


This Directory Listing is provided to GEMA member’s at a reduced rate of $25.00 (regularly $30.00) per month and is required for all GEMA licensees.  Learn more at www.HolisticHealthLink.com.

37. Do members of Associations understand the limitations of having a [ministerial] license?

Based on our experience, we say “no.” On the other hand, there will always be members of Associations that misunderstand what he/she can do or cannot do with a ministerial (or ecclesiastical) license. As a rule of thumb, it seems good policy not to provide services that border on illegality. While a credentialed member may benefit financially for a period of time by breaking the rule of law, the chance of having a lawsuit filed against his/her Natural Wellness Center increases drastically overtime.

38. Are there consequences to posting an MD degree on your office wall, without holding a State License?

Be forewarned that if you hold an MD degree from a medical school domiciled in the US or another country, but do not hold a state license, do not post your MD degree on your office wall. Moreover, do not allude to this degree in any written documents (i.e., letterheads, business cards), or place information about your MD degree on face-book, etc. We have knowledge of three individuals who earned an MD degree, accredited by WHO (World Health Organization), and were practicing natural medicine, but never completed a residency, and thus were not granted a license from the states in which they lived. Overtime they were reported to the State Board of Medicine by a number of clients, who, out of curiosity, checked on the practitioner’s MD credentials by calling the State Board of Medicine. The outcome was that two of these practitioners were sentenced to 10 to 12 years in prison, while the third one was given 15 years in prison. It seems that the MD degree is viewed as sacred in most states, and states often dole out harsh penalties to anyone who breaks the rules as a safeguard against other perpetrators. This kind of negative publicity, scrutiny, and punishment keeps pharmaceutical companies and Licensed Medical Doctors happy, because the MD degree is held in such high regard by the public.

39. Who are the executives on the GEMA Board?

These executives are compassionate and understanding individuals, who have wisdom concerning discipline. Some of these board members have been in private practice for over 25 years; some have taught at medical schools, universities, chiropractic colleges, and naturopathic medical schools, with one having co-authored four books in natural medicine. Some have been in ministry for 40 years, and four board members are ordained ministers. The Executive Board is composed of three males and two females. All are ethical, fair, compassionate, and devoted to sound, fair, and ethical principles.

40. Will I be allowed to use machines and equipment in my practice when I become a GEMA License holding Member?

Yes, provided that your clients are all GEMA Members (“Patrons”) at the time they accept your services. You should ask a client to sign a waiver if you plan to use instruments or devices of any kind, and that such devices used in your Natural Wellness Center are not for diagnosing or treating diseases.


NOTE: The waiver is written by GEMA and provided for the “Practitioner,” free. In no way do your services, whether through the use of machines or equipment, or recommendations to clients, replace or imitate a Licensed Medical Doctor, nor are you making any claims that your services will replace the Licensed Medical Doctor’s services, nor do you claim to diagnose illness, nor do you claim to treat ailments diagnosed by a Medical Doctor. GEMA recommends that if you have ANY DOUBT, you should seek advice from GEMA before listing any equipment, or services using equipment. WHY? Because as a credentialed “Practitioner” and under the terms of GEMA’s Ecclesiastical coverage, you are offering health according to the advice in the Bible, and to date we have not found any recommended equipment or machines mentioned in the Bible. However, in the credential of our Practitioners we have added one word that makes a difference, [progressive] ecclesiastical medicine. This means that ecclesiastical medicine is evolving, and is different than it was when it began thousands of years ago. We understand that due to the modern understanding of the use of equipment (instruments, devices) to better the health of individuals, some equipment may be permissible given certain circumstances. The following are examples of instruments used in natural wellness practices requiring caution on the behalf of the credentialed Practitioner: Light therapy lamps, heat pads, health check machines (if used to diagnose) saunas, Iridology cameras (ok, if results are interpreted by outside company), thermography (ok, if results are interpreted by outside company), cold lasers (not permitted unless state licensed), TENs Units (used to treat pain), and there are other devices that require caution and are not permitted that are not mentioned herein. Have questions? Contact us! 

41. May I use GEMA membership fees as a tax deduction?

We do not have the authority to professionally answer that question; you must consult with a tax professional. There is a high level of accountability required by the IRS concerning any organization that is given the tax exempt status of 501c-3, not-for-profit, and the records are reviewed on an annual report to the IRS. NOTE: Accountability, though lacking today in our American society, should be at the top of the list, because the old adage stills rings loudly today, “Where there is no accountability, there is no responsibility.” Even the President of the United States is held to the highest level of accountability by the Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, and the American people.

42. How can I receive Services (as a Patron member) if there is no-one in my area?

Some Practitioners offer distance services via internet, phone and/or  Skype. View Directory here.  (This link will take you to www.holistichealthlink.com).

43. Do you offer licenses to Practitioner staff members?

We do NOT offer “licenses” to non-practitioners.  HOWEVER, we offer a credential that gives your staff members the ability to be “GUARDED” under your practitioner license/registration.  These members are called Associate Wellness Consultants (AWC).  They go through a condensed application process, pay a non-refundable $50.00 application fee, go through a background check and are required to ONLY pay a $35.00 GEMA monthly membership fee.  *These members are also required to be covered by your malpractice insurance policy.


AWC members have the liberty and authority to perform the following and other legal duties, not mentioned herein, only at the direction of an [Ecclesiastical] Licensed and/or Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner: Minister life, healing, and deliverance to distressed and hurting individuals through prayer and the laying on of hands; by counsel and natural source remedies; by dietary and healthy lifestyle protocols; and to practice biblical and religious activities pertaining to this designation in accordance to respective ordinances of residence and the Constitution of the United States of America.