Practitioners of Ecclesiastical Science & Medicine offer health improvement and counseling services based on a ministerial license issued by Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association (GEMA).


GEMA Practitioners do not diagnose health conditions or prescribe any medications or pharmaceutical drugs. GEMA Members offer Ecclesiastical and Holistic health and wellness counseling based upon the principles of health discussed in the Christian Bible and the faith based belief that all health is related to the mind, body and spirit.


GEMA Practitioners offer Christian or Faith-based counseling services on the understanding that the GEMA association is a faith-based non-profit group who believe in the Holistic Health of Mind, Body and Spirit.


The GEMA license and registration is not to practice medicine. GEMA licensed or registered members do not diagnose or cure any disease, and they do not prescribe any medicines or pharmaceutical drugs.


The information provided is to assist members to be better informed on the root of dis-ease and to better their knowledge of the Biblical teachings of God’s abundance and the practice of a healthy lifestyle.