Diplomate Application/US & Foreign


“The Diplomate” (often referred to as the Diplomate Status) is not a diploma, degree or certification, but a document of honor and/or an acknowledgement of a person’s outstanding achievements in Science, Medicine, Research or other. To be granted the “Diplomate,” a person must have been actively involved in his/her endeavors in Science, Medicine, or Research for many years and have a recognized Doctorate Degree. You do not have to be a Licensed member of GEMA to apply for this status. Cost is one-time fee of $535.00.

*NOTE TO USA APPLICANTS:  If you are already a GEMA practitioner member, please email us with your license/registration number and specify “Diplomate” in the subject line. If you are not a GEMA practitioner member, please fill out application below and submit.  You do not have to be a member to apply. 

Diplomate Application

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  • Upload at least 2 letters from other professionals who can verify your degree, experience, and/or reputation. These letters must be on references' letterhead and have their contact information.
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