Code of Operations

Keep your Holistic Services LEGAL!


Once you become a credentialed Practitioner member of GEMA, or if you are already a member, you will have access to a highly experienced group of Specialists who are not only experts in the field of Ecclesiastical Christian Counseling, but also Specialists in the fields of holistic and natural medicine. You also will have access to business advisors, legal advisors, Christian ministers, directors of similar natural wellness centers such as yours, who have been providing successful services for many years, and wish the same for you.


The Code of Operations helps you GUARD and GROW your holistic health services.  We partnered with Holistic Health Link (HHL) to help you GROW by providing custom website directory listings; local visibility, online traffic, brand awareness and exposure to new people!  For less than $1.00 per day, you will be linked to people who are searching for the exact service(s) you offer!   GEMA has reduced its monthly fee in order to have this valuable benefit available to you from Holistic Health Link (HHL).


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For safer practice, please follow GEMA’s guidelines below for practitioners (LHMP, RHMP and LCC).  If you are an AWC member, please scroll to the very bottom of this page.


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1. GEMA requires that all your clients become GEMA non-credentialed “Patron” Members at no charge. This is explained in our LifeCare Agreement.  (view LifeCare Agreement slideshow). This provides protection to you and your business. GEMA is a religious organization and as such, under the laws of the US Constitution, you and your clients are protected by the guardianship of the GEMA membership, to follow the religious practice of your choice. By choosing a Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Medical Practitioner or Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner, or a Licensed Christian Counselor, your clients are making the choice with you, for a safer and healthier future. (View Life Care Agreement, regarding client coverage, on your HHL directory listing.  ALL clients MUST fill in the form for your license/registration to be valid.   The tab to fill in the form is located under the profile picture, along with a tab for the “printable version.” It is advised that all clients fill in the form, because it is auto-added to your HHL practitioner dashboard CRM.  However, if someone prints the form, you will need to keep a signed copy of it for your records.  Learn more by watching slideshow.)

2. You must advise clients that you are not a medical doctor. This must be in your intake form and waiver, and verbally mentioned when you consult with clients.  Template forms are available here.

4. IMPORTANT NOTE: When a person holds a license or registration with GEMA, and in addition holds a state license as a Health Care Provider, he/she is not authorized to integrate or amalgamate his/her practice of Medical Treatment with any GEMA [Ecclesiastical] holistic natural wellness protocol. You must consult with clients in separate office visits.

5. You must maintain a liability insurance policy to cover any lawsuits or negligent acts on his/her behalf. This liability insurance policy must be maintained throughout the duration of this Agreement, and respective Practitioner further must hold harmless GEMA from any claims arising from any negligent act of commission or omission by the “Practitioner.” NOTE: This policy must include the Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association™ as an additional insured. If you need assistance in obtaining insurance, please contact our office at .

6. You cannot describe yourself as a “physician.” You are a Licensed and/or [Ecclesiastical] Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner, a Specialist in Holistic/Functional Medical services. For Licensed Christian Counselors, you must ensure that your clients understand that you are offering services different from those of State Licensed Counselors, or Marriage and Family Therapists.

7. Holistic Health is an Alternative Health Care and as such is not described as “Primary Care.”

8. You are not permitted to verbally say or claim in any advertisement or documents of any kind to “diagnose,” “cure,” “prescribe,” or “prevent diseases” in your practice or during consultations.

9. You cannot “prescribe,” whether drugs, supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, or other natural remedies. However, you are permitted to “recommend” natural supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, other natural remedies, or recommend lifestyle changes.

10. You are not bound by State licensing laws, thus as a credentialed member of GEMA you may recommend Biblical health and healing modalities. If you are a Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner of a different faith, you may practice using the healing modalities of One God, of your own faith, within the bounds of the US Constitution, and within the Membership boundaries of GEMA, and with the consent of your clients.

11. You cannot advise clients to discontinue their prescribed medications. As clients improve in health, they MUST return to their prescribing State Licensed MD to have their condition reassessed and their medications reduced gradually or perhaps ended since they are no longer useful to client’s health.

12. If using machines or devices, you must identify all information obtained from the instruments as “findings” and not “diagnoses.” Please list any instruments you or your staff use in your practice. Contact the GEMA Headquarters if you have questions about what instruments are permitted.

13. GEMA members are required to use third parties to read thermal imaging, iridology photography, and other information gained through the use of tests and instruments. Ask GEMA Headquarters for a list of Specialists who can offer such readings at a reduced rate for GEMA members.

14. Any supplements, herbs, spices, homeopathic remedies, nutritional recommendations, lifestyle changes must be referred to as “recommendations” based on what the Bible states or results of scientific research.

15. Any recommendations are in addition to, and not intended to replace any prescribed medication from a client’s MD. The advice for a change in lifestyle and for any supplementation is for educational purposes, and not intended to replace the medication.

16. No recommendations should be made to avoid or replace any vaccinations or medical procedure, such as a mammogram, or similar. Please talk to a GEMA Specialist for advice on using non-invasive methods, such as thermal imaging, iridology, or any other instruments.

17. No treatment of children under two years of age without an elaborate process in place to ensure they are also seeing a pediatrician and receiving the recommended vaccinations. Explain to your “Patron” clients who are GEMA members that the intake forms and waivers contain areas for parents to complete. These forms explain your services that are relative to their child.

18. You Cannot Diagnose. You may only advise or educate “Patron” clients who are GEMA members to closely communicate with their medical doctor, especially for the reason of diagnosing, and for the reason of coordinating care with the same. Do not criticize a client’s MD, it is good to have a working relationship with primary care MD’s.

19. If your GEMA subscription payment is over 30 days late, it will be cancelled and your GEMA license will NOT be valid until you reactivate it in your GEMA dashboard.  It is possible that your Holistic Health Link (HHL) subscription remain paid in full/active, but your GEMA license is still ONLY active when BOTH subscriptions are paid in full.  If either subscription cancels, your GEMA license is considered null and void and anyone who signs the LifeCare Agreement during the time that either subscription is NOT active, will not be considered null and void.  BOTH subscriptions have to be paid in full to have an active GEMA license/registration.  Once both subscriptions are in paid in full, your GEMA license will be active and valid.  If at any time both subscriptions are canceled, you can reactivate both of them in your GEMA dashboard.  If ONLY your HHL subscription is cancelled, it should be reactivated in your HHL dashboard.


AWC members have the liberty and authority to perform the following and other legal duties, not mentioned herein, only at the direction of an [Ecclesiastical] Licensed and/or Registered Holistic Medical Practitioner: Minister life, healing, and deliverance to distressed and hurting individuals through prayer and the laying on of hands; by counsel and natural source remedies; by dietary and healthy lifestyle protocols; and to practice biblical and religious activities pertaining to this designation in accordance to respective ordinances of residence and the Constitution of the United States of America.