About GEMA


…is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization offering Ecclesiastical Holistic Health Practitioner Licenses, Registration, Guidance, Business support and Memberships to Professionals in the Natural Health Field.

What is GEMA? (pronounced gee-mah)

Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association was formed to fill a great need for a central organization that brings together both excellent, qualified and approved Holistic Health and Faith Based providers, and people who are searching for such services as an alternative to the medicines that may not have worked for them in the past, that may only be treating symptoms, that may have strong side effects (such as opiates which are highly addictive, and have added to the burden of this country’s failing healthcare system, been responsible for escalating deaths, and do not resolve the health issue). GEMA was formed because of the need to provide natural wellness providers with recognition of excellence, and a standard, a place to refer to for questions, further education and advice, and a center for protection and guardianship, both legally and morally.

What does GEMA mean?

According to the history from the times of the Bible, “The guardian” was a servant or slave who protected the children of his master and led them to the school-master for instruction. Paul’s point is that the [Mosaic] Law was the “guardian” or “guide” that led the Jews to Christ, Who was the Teacher/Tutor.  NOTE: The aforementioned was prayerfully considered before we decided on the name, Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association. In this case, “Guardian” is an “overseer”—one who guides, instructs, and assists believers in helping non-believers and believers [in Christ] alike, to discover the abundant life (see John 10:10- “the abundant life”) promised by Christ, which is a healthy, fulfilling life with plentiful surplus. As Guardians, we prepare and continue to train other members, and prayerfully ask God to give them knowledge and wisdom as they endeavor to assist in healing (I removed hurting people because it sounded like they would be harming people rather than the opposite) people who may have no hope and not know there is a more wholesome and healthy life that awaits them.

What is Ecclesiastical Medicine?

Ecclesiastical medicine was used by Early Church leaders, and some churches up to the present time.  Today in Europe many Ecclesiastics continue to use ecclesiastical medicines, such as herbs, oils, poultices, etc., for the reason of healing people inside and outside the Church. NOTE: All forms of healing have a “theological basis,” whether natural or unnatural. To omit or ignore the “spiritual influence” concerning healing is to unbalance what Almighty God intended for His people to accomplish through the use of holistic medicine (I Thess. 5:23).


Today, in the USA and other countries, many Holistic Health Practitioners, Counselors, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, etc., use ecclesiastical medicine, though it may be referred to in different terms. If the aforementioned professionals are Christians, they may not always be pastors, evangelists, prophets, or apostles (see Eph. 4:11 –“teacher” is omitted, but explained in the following herein). However, if someone is a “Doctor” then he/she is indeed a “Teacher,” because the definition of “Doctor” in modern times is “Teacher or Educator.”

What is GEMA's goal?

  • to assist sick individuals, both in the USA and other countries, who are searching for an alternative to conventional treatments that have not provided them relief. Through the support and encouragement, licensing and education of the Natural Health and Wellness providers and practitioners, and the listing and advancements through GEMA, so the people who need care can connect with those who can provide it.
  • to defend the rights of Holistic Health Practitioners and to maintain a high standard of vetting for such Practitioners to assure the public of receiving balanced and quality alternative faith-based health and as well as safety for those seeking it.
  • to sponsor educational and faith based webinars, tours for conferences, both in the US and other countries, for the improvement of Holistic Health services, health and faith acceptance and to encourage the alternative health choices available.
  • to provide Bibles for the poor in third world countries who have never read one. These small Bibles are published in the language of the people of the country who hear “the Good News” (the Gospel). The life-saving message of “the abundant life that Jesus Christ gives to anyone who believes in Him” (John 10:10) will also be presented one-on-one to individuals and to the masses.

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  “Contributions are tax-deductible as provided by law.” 

What is GEMA's mission?

We in the US have a choice regarding health and wellness, medical and physical care for the future of our wellbeing. As such, individuals and members of the public have a responsibility to be aware of what choices are available. With the increase of licensed and promoted Ecclesiastical Holistic Health Practitioners, the members of the public have different options to select from, other than pharmaceutical directions. Functional and Integrative, Naturopathic and Faith Based healing are now part of that selection, and offer a focus on the whole person, rather than a treatment for a symptom.


We, in accordance to the US Constitution declare that we have the liberty and right to choose those in our community who are Ecclesiastical Holistic Health Practitioners (hereinafter referred to as “Practitioner”) who hold a license from GEMA, having displayed the necessary education and experience in natural wellness to assist “Patron” members with godly counsel and other strategies that bring the desired results through health and wellness consultation, whether my disorders be physical, psychological, or spiritual. NOTE: The abovementioned term, “license” is not intended to imply that the Practitioner is licensed by a US state to practice medicine.


Public members of GEMA have the right to decide, when considering recommendations of the “Practitioner” as to the kind of healthcare procedures that will best assist them in improving their health and the healing of their illnesses, whether they are physical, psychological, or spiritual. In some instances, they may decide to select practitioners of the healing arts that are of the source of allopathy (pharmaceutical medicine), naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology, chiropractic, osteopathy, naprapathy (manipulation of ligaments and connective tissue), and/or select other kinds of natural therapies not mentioned herein.


GEMA declares that we have requirements and standards to insure the qualifications, educational criteria, and experience of the practitioner before considering any recommendations relevant to health and wellness. Background checks and entry exams have been passed before a practitioner can hold a GEMA license and offer their services.

Why does the US Constitution matter to us?

GEMA is operating under the declared rights of the US Constitution as well as State Constitutions, which guarantee Americans certain rights; included in, but not limited to the First Amendment, that afford us the right to lawfully assemble, the right to petition, the right of free speech, the right to worship God and to choose our religious beliefs, the right to decide how to assist one another with matters concerning our health and wellness, and to determine the relevance of natural protocols for health and wellness as provided under the laws of the Federal and State Constitutions. NOTE: The Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits any states from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, and guarantees all persons equal protection of (that is, by or under) the laws.


We, as members of GEMA declare the right to assemble (or congregate) as a community to choose our options of health and wellness care and how our personal information and records are preserved and protected, and to decide what health and wellness options are best for us.


Legal services for GEMA and it’s members are provided for by NCLL – National Center for Life & Liberty. NCLL serves to protect and defend the Bible-based values upon which our nation was founded. NCLL will endeavor to protect and defend these important foundational areas that support our freedoms.