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Offering Ecclesiastical Holistic Health practitioner licenses, guidance, business support and memberships to receive healthcare God’s way, “wellness according to the teachings in the Bible.”

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Affordable monthly fees, even for a start-up Holistic Health Practitioner.

No long-term contract required—may pay by the month.

No penalty imposed on anyone who joins and later withdraws (certain conditions apply).

GEMA founders have over 40 years of combined experience in developing ecclesiastical memberships; they are not novices and thus make firm decisions without continually changing the rules.

Staff support is superior to other Groups—licensed members may speak via phone with a live person during office hours.

GEMA is affiliated with several 501 c -3 organizations—established by the founders of GEMA.

GEMA helps GUARD and GROW your holistic health services through their Holistic Health Link partnership.

7 reasons for PATRONS to join GEMA!

Become a member of GEMA FREE of charge, to join a community looking at the bigger picture of Holistic health and wellness!

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